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About Samsonite CURV®Updated 6 months ago

Certain collections in our product catalogue have outer shells that have been made from a material called Samsonite CURV®. CURV® is a unique material that offers a number of practical and aesthetically pleasing qualities that help to enrich the lives of travellers.

How is Samsonite CURV® made?

All CURV® Suitcases have been made in Europe. The material is made from woven Polypropylene sheets that come together to create an impact resistant, shape retaining, exceptionally lightweight shell that can withstand extreme temperatures. 

What are the benefits of Samsonite CURV®?

As we have covered above, Samsonite CURV® is an extremely lightweight material, making it the ideal choice for the user who needs additional weight for their belongings when travelling. With Cabin Suitcases being as lightweight as just 1.9kg (Based upon Samsonite C-Lite), when prioritising weight as a main attribute for a purchase, CURV® is probably a material that should be considered.

Another added benefit of Samsonite CURV® is its ability to withstand impact and retain its shape. As we are often aware, our luggage can take a battering when it is used on board an airline, so Suitcases made from CURV® material can assist with protecting the internal contents of a suitcase when travelling.

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