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Find out how to set locks or how to use your Items

How Do I Set A New Code On My TSA Lock?

Most of our suitcases have a TSA approved combination lock. The only people to hold the key are the security services at airports, to allow them to gain access to your luggage where necessary and re-lock for it’s onward journey. Your access is gained

How Do I Open My Suitcase?

Most of our suitcases have a TSA approved combination lock. The default code for these suitcases is 0-0-0. When you receive your suitcase, ensure that the code on the TSA Lock is set to 0-0-0 and pull the small side lever or push in the button which

I've Forgotten My TSA Lock Code

If you have locked yourself out of your suitcase and can't remember your code, you have a couple of options:. 1. Go through all the possible codes starting from 0-0-0, 0-0-1, 0-0-2 through to 9-9-9. We highly suggest that you grab a cup of tea and a

Setting the TSA Code on a Delsey Suitcase

Delsey Suitcases come with a 3-digit TSA Combination Lock. The lock can be changed to your own code. Please ensure that this is a memorable 3-digit number that will be easily remembered. To set the code on the lock, please follow the below instructio

How to Register a Delsey Warranty from the QR Plate

Some Delsey collections come with a fixed QR Warranty plate. These are usually attached just behind the Telescopic Wheel Handle of the suitcase. To register the warranty, simply use a mobile phone with a QR Reader App (Some phones automatically ident

Remove & Wash the Internal Lining of a Delsey Suitcase

Certain collections from the Delsey brand come with removeable and washable internal linings. These types of linings help to improve the cleanliness of the interiors of the suitcases and help to keep them more fresh. They can be especially useful for

How to Clean the Outside of a Hard-Shell Suitcase

Our Suitcases work hard for us. They go endure all weathers, from the hot and bright sunshine of the Caribbean, to our wet, cold and windy British Winters. Keeping your Hard-Shell Suitcase looking clean is actually quite easy. We always recommend cle

Setting the TSA Code on a Samsonite Proxis Suitcase

The Samsonite Proxis Suitcases come with 3-digit TSA Combination Locks. The code on this lock can be changed to your own unique code. Please ensure that this is a memorable 3-digit number that will be easily remembered. The Cabin Suitcase contain a U

How To Register for Samsonite WeCare

Samsonite offer their extended WeCare Warranty on certain collections. It is Samsonite's goal is to become the leading travel luggage and bag company worldwide. That's why they prioritise every step of the journey, from the manufacturing process to t

How To use the USB Ports on Samsonite Suitcases

Certain collections from Samsonite have been fitted with USB Ports, which allow 'On-The-Go' Charging of electronic devices. The USB Port can usually be located next to the TSA Lock, which offers easy access to the port itself. To use the USB Port for

About Samsonite CURV®

Certain collections in our product catalogue have outer shells that have been made from a material called Samsonite CURV®. CURV® is a unique material that offers a number of practical and aesthetically pleasing qualities that help to enrich the lives

How To Clean The Outside of Soft Luggage

Keeping the exterior of a suitcase or soft luggage clean is crucial for maintaining its appearance and extending its lifespan. Follow these steps to ensure your suitcase stays fresh and ready for your adventure. Begin by getting rid of any dirt or de

How To Choose Eco-Friendly Luggage

Choosing luggage is a considerate decision that aligns with sustainable travel practices. When selecting luggage that has impact on the environment here are some tips to keep in mind. Go for materials that have an footprint, such as recycled polyeste

How To Choose The Right Travel Accessory

When it comes to enhancing your travel experience selecting the right travel accessory plays a role. First and foremost, functionality should be your priority. Identify your needs. Choose an accessory that effectively addresses them. For instance if

How To Open A Zip-Less Suitcase

Certain collections of our Hard-Side Suitcases have a zip-less closure. Zipless Suitcases offer some of the best security possible and are usually teamed with a TSA Combination Lock. The suitcases close using a 2 or 3 point locking system with a TSA

About Samsonite Recyclex™ Material

In todays world, where people are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, Samsonite has emerged as a trailblazer by introducing its Recyclex™ material. This innovative fabric is redefining luggage design and showcases Samsonite's dedi

How To Choose the Right Size Suitcase for your needs

When it comes to travelling choosing the right size suitcase is crucial to make your journey hassle free and packing efficient. To determine the suitcase size start by evaluating how long your trip will be and its purpose. Once you have done this, us

How To Personalise Your Samsonite Essens Suitcase

The Samsonite Essens collection comes with its own customisable front panel, that allows a touch of personalisation to be applied to the suitcase. Each suitcase comes with a choice of stickers that can be applied to the front panel strip, which is lo

How To Set use a TSA Cable Lock

A TSA Cable Lock works in much the same way as a standard TSA lock but the addition of a cable to the lock allows different compartments to be locked together, reducing the need to have several padlocks for each pocket. The cable attaches to the TSA

How to wash the inside of a Samsonite Suitcase

Samsonite have introduced removable and washable internal linings to some of their collections. These types of linings help to improve the cleanliness of the interiors of the suitcases and help to keep them more fresh. They can be especially useful f

Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Recyclex™ Material Technology

Samsonite's Recyclex™ Material Technology consists of a variety of fabrics and shells made from materials derived from consumers or industries. These materials are carefully designed to be long lasting, adaptable and environmentally conscious. The Sa

Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Bags Carrying Methods

The Samsoite Ecodiver Duffle bags have various carrying options, making them ideal for the user who likes to have an adaptive approach to the way in which they can be carried. Double top handles allow the duffle bags to be traditionally carried in th

Choose The Right Samsonite Ecodiver Size

The Samsonite Ecodiver collection is one of the largest collections of luggage, travel bags, accessories backpacks that we have on offer from a single collection. With so many options, sizes and choices on offer, we appreciate that it can be slightly

Choosing The Right Laptop Backpack

Picking the right laptop backpack is essential for those who frequently travel or commute with their computer. With so many options available in the market, it's important to consider a few key features to make sure that your backpack not only provid

Travelling With A Vanity Case & Liquids

Travelling with beauty products and liquids can be a delicate balancing act, especially with strict airport regulations in mind. Packing them efficiently in a vanity case ensures both convenience and compliance. Start by selecting travel-sized contai

How to Efficiently Pack a Suitcase

Efficiently packing a suitcase is like mastering a craft, that requires planning and smart organisation. Whether you're heading off for a short trip to the city or a longer journey, knowing how to pack your suitcase can truly enhance your travel expe

How To Use USB Ports on Backpacks

Certain products from our business collections have been fitted with USB Ports, which allow 'On-The-Go' Charging of electronic devices. The USB Port can usually be located to the outside of the bag or backpack and is usually to one side. To use the U

Clean The Outside of a Business Bag

Cleaning the outside of a backpack or business bag is essential, not only for maintaining its appearance but also for prolonging its lifespan and hygiene. Whether it's accumulated dirt, stains, or just general wear and tear, giving your bag a thoroug

About Porsche Design

Porsche Design, renowned for its innovation, engineering excellence, and timeless aesthetic, extends its expertise beyond automobiles to the realm of luxury luggage and bags. Founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, the brand embodies a philos

Learn about Aluminium Suitcases

In the world of travel, functionality and style often collide, giving rise to innovative solutions that blend practicality with elegance. One such evolution is the aluminium suitcase, a sleek and sophisticated alternative to traditional luggage optio

Opening a Zipless Suitcase

Zipless suitcases equipped with TSA locks have revolutionised the world of luggage, offering travellers a secure and hassle-free way to protect their belongings while on the move. These innovative cases provide an added layer of security by replacing

How to Clean an Aluminium Suitcase

Cleaning aluminium suitcases is a straightforward process that ensures your luggage maintains its sleek appearance and durability throughout your travels. Whether it's dust accumulation from airport terminals or stains acquired during adventurous jou

How To Measure Screen Sizes on Electronics

Choosing the right size laptop backpack is crucial for safeguarding your valuable tech and ensuring comfort during your travels or daily commutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you measure your devices to ensure that you are choosing the right

About SILVADUR™ Lining

In an era where hygiene and freshness are paramount, SILVADUR™ Lining emerges as a pioneering solution, revolutionising the textile industry's approach to antimicrobial technology. Crafted by using cutting-edge science, SILVADUR™ integrates silver io

Victorinox 1 + 10 Year Warranty

Victorinox products are renowned for their quality and reliability. The brand offers an exceptional 1 + 10 Year Warranty on its products, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity. Here's a breakdown of what this w

About Db Ribcage Technology™

Db Bags' Ribcage Technology™ represents a significant innovation in the realm of travel gear, marrying cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality. This technology is designed to enhance the durability and structural integrity of bags, making

About the Db Brand

Db, formerly known as Douchebags, has carved a distinct niche in the travel and lifestyle gear industry with its innovative products that blend functionality, durability, and minimalist Scandinavian design. Founded in 2012 by Swedish freeski legend J