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How to Clean the Outside of a Hard-Shell SuitcaseUpdated 8 months ago

Our Suitcases work hard for us. They go endure all weathers, from the hot and bright sunshine of the Caribbean, to our wet, cold and windy British Winters. Keeping your Hard-Shell Suitcase looking clean is actually quite easy. We always recommend cleaning the outside of your suitcase before placing it into storage after a journey anyway for sanitary purposes, especially the wheels after they've rolled across miles and miles of pavements and through the airport.

For all Hard Bodied Suitcases, we would always suggest using a slightly damp, warm, soft cloth. A mild detergent, such a a small splash of washing-up liquid can be used. Lightly dab over the suitcase body, trying to ensure that excess water does not drip into the zipper area. For heavily soiled suitcases, use circular motions to help lift the stains.

The wheels can be cleaned using the same cleaning solution as the body. As the wheels are subjected to the most wear, it is important to keep these clean to help prevent a build up of dirt, which may effect the suitcases ability to move smoothly. 

Textured surfaces are slightly harder to clean than shiny surfaces, due to the nature of the shell, however, after cleaning shiny surfaces may be left with a dull sheen or streaks. To bring the shine back to your shiny surface suitcase, simply buff with a clean, dry cloth to bring back their previous shine.

Lastly, allow your suitcase to air dry, away from artificial heat sources before placing it back inside its dust cover (if provided) and putting away for storage.

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