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How To Open A Zip-Less SuitcaseUpdated 6 months ago

Certain collections of our Hard-Side Suitcases have a zip-less closure. Zipless Suitcases offer some of the best security possible and are usually teamed with a TSA Combination Lock. The suitcases close using a 2 or 3 point locking system with a TSA lock (And integrated handle) on one side and 2 additional clips, which are usually located at the top and bottom of the suitcase.

Example of a top clip on Samsonite Essens Suitcase

To open your suitcase when it 1st arrives with you. Set the code on the TSA lock to 0-0-0 and simply lift open each of the clips. Be careful to make sure that all clips will allow easy opening of the compartments and do not force them open. If it will not open easily, a clip is still attached.

Example of an integrated TSA lock on a Samsonite Essens Suitcase

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