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How Do I Set A New Code On My TSA Lock?Updated 6 months ago

Most of our suitcases have a TSA approved combination lock. The only people to hold the key are the security services at airports, to allow them to gain access to your luggage where necessary and re-lock for it’s onward journey. Your access is gained via the combination only, you will not have received a key with your suitcase.

To access the suitcase initially all suitcases are pre-set to the combination code 0-0-0. There may be slight differences between the opening of the lock, depending on which suitcase you have, some has a slide button, others have a push button. These can view differently, sometimes the button appears as the keyhole. Below are three pictures of variations of a slide button. 

Side Lever TSA Lock on a Samsonite SuitcaseSide Lever TSA Lock on an American Tourister SuitcaseSide Lever TSA Lock on a Victorinox Suitcase

The only anomaly to this is the Samsonite S’Cure suitcase range as it is a Zipless Suitcase. Please view the video below for more information on how to open a Samsonite S'Cure Suitcase

Samsonite and American Tourister have an online portal with lock instructions for all their suitcases which you can view HERE.

If you are still struggling to set the lock on your suitcase, please get in touch with us via Chat, Email or Telephone.

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