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How To Choose Eco-Friendly LuggageUpdated 6 months ago

Choosing luggage is a considerate decision that aligns with sustainable travel practices. When selecting luggage that has impact on the environment here are some tips to keep in mind.

Go for materials that have an footprint, such as recycled polyester, organic cotton or hemp. These options are more sustainable compared to materials since they reduce the demand for resources and promote recycling. Alternatively, choose materials that have been made from recycled materials. We have a large selection of products from Samsonite & American Tourister that have been made from rPET materials.

Opt for luggage that reduces the need for replacements. Choosing materials with lasting properties and high quality construction extends the lifespan of your luggage, which helps minimise its environmental impact.

Consider luggage with a design or expandable features. This allows you to adapt your luggage based on your travel requirements, reducing the necessity for bags and minimising waste.

Give priority to brands that have sustainability practices. Research companies that emphasise sourcing, fair labour practices and eco friendly initiatives throughout their production chain.

Choose luggage that contributes to fuel efficiency during transportation. Lighter bags require less energy when being transported, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint.

These tips will help you make a decision when selecting eco luggage while supporting sustainable travel practices.

You can make decisions. Take into account the environmental consequences of your baggage, which will help promote a travel experience that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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