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Choose The Right Samsonite Ecodiver SizeUpdated 5 months ago

The Samsonite Ecodiver collection is one of the largest collections of luggage, travel bags, accessories backpacks that we have on offer from a single collection. With so many options, sizes and choices on offer, we appreciate that it can be slightly daunting knowing which size to choose for your journey length and type.

One thing that we love about the Ecodiver is that it is adaptive, as well as versatile, making it an excellent choice for all-round travel. It also benefits from being water-resistant, which is ideal for when battling the elements, which as we know, is quite often in the UK! 

As a general rule, we outline very roughly the duration that each item could be used for, although this will depend entirely on how much needs to be packed. As a guide, see below for what our recommendations would be for each piece in the Samsonite Ecodiver collection.

Wheeled Duffle’s

Ecodiver 45cm Underseat WH Duffle: 1- 3 Days

Ecodiver 55cm WH Duffle: 2-3 Days

Ecodiver 55cm DF WH Duffle: 2-3 Days

Ecodiver 55cm WH Backpack: 2-3 Days

Ecodiver 67cm WH Duffle: 7-10 Days

Ecodiver 79cm WH Duffle: 14 Days +

Spinner Duffle’s

Ecodiver 55cm Spinner Duffle: 3-5 Days

Ecodiver 79cm Spinner Duffle: 14 Days +

Travel Backpacks

Ecodiver S Travel Backpack: 1-2 Days

Ecodiver M Travel Backpack: 2-3 Days

Duffle Bags

Ecodiver S Duffle: 2-3 Days

Ecodiver M Duffle: 3-5 Days

Ecodiver L Duffle: 5-7 Days

Alongside the travel items, Ecodiver also has a good selection of laptop backpacks and travel accessories such as the compact belt bag and the wash bag, making it an excellent choice for the user who requires additional items for their journeys.

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