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How To Register for Samsonite WeCareUpdated 3 months ago

Samsonite offer their extended WeCare Warranty on certain collections.

It is Samsonite's goal is to become the leading travel luggage and bag company worldwide. That's why they prioritise every step of the journey, from the manufacturing process to the durability of their products. Certain collections from Samsonite come with their WeCare Extended warranty policy. Wecare ensures worry free repairs throughout the lifetime of your suitcase. When your suitcase is coming towards the end of its life, this program also offers recycling or repurposing options for your suitcase, making it a sustainable choice.

What is Included in the WeCare Policy?

Throughout the 10 year warranty period, in addition to the warranty coverage, your registered product will receive special treatment at a Samsonite Service Centres as part of the Samsonite Wecare program. This includes priority service and a range of additional services to ensure your satisfaction.

During this service, your suitcase will receive a thorough check-up. The wheels will be checked, the item will be cleaned and any additional issues that arise will be dealt with as part of this service.

If your item cannot be repaired, Samsonite will provide a replacement and recycle the unrepairable item. This way they ensure that the environmental impact of your damaged item is minimised. Samsonite will then keep parts for the main components, while any components that are currently not eligible for recycling or repurposing will be disposed of properly. Additionally Samsonite are actively working on finding solutions for those parts for future sustainability.

When you recycle or repurpose your used suitcase, Samsonite want to show their appreciation for your loyalty by giving a 10% voucher. You can use this voucher towards another Samsonite purchase and it will remain valid for up to 12 months.

How to Register for WeCare - Simply follow this link HERE and register your product for Samsonite WeCare.

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