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My Voucher Code Won't WorkUpdated a year ago

Occasionally Discount Codes won't work.

In particular codes that are offered to New Customers will only work on the FIRST order placed. New Customer Discount Codes are allocated on a per order basis, if you use your Discount Code on an order, it will not work on any subsequent orders, even if the first order was cancelled.

We also often run Voucher Codes for items that are not already discounted. These Voucher Codes will ONLY work on items in the shopping cart that are not already discounted. As an example, if you have an item in your shopping cart that already has 15% off, the DISC10 Voucher Code will not work.

If you are struggling to use your Discount Code, please get in touch with us and we'll let you know why it won't work and offer a solution.

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