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Discount & Promotions FAQ

How Do I Enter A Discount Code?

From time to time we offer promotional and discount codes to our customers. This might be in the form of a free gift, a set amount off per item or a total percentage discount amount. If you have a discount code and want to use it for your purchase, p

Do You Do Blue Lights/Veterans Discounts?

Absolutely Yes!! Here at Luggage Superstore we are completely in awe of the essential roles that our fantastic Emergency Services personnel, NHS staff and our Armed Forces undertake. If you are employed by the NHS, Fire Service, Police or the Armed F

My Voucher Code Won't Work

Occasionally Discount Codes won't work. In particular codes that are offered to New Customers will only work on the FIRST order placed. New Customer Discount Codes are allocated on a per order basis, if you use your Discount Code on an order, it will