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Remove & Wash the Internal Lining of a Delsey SuitcaseUpdated 6 months ago

Certain collections from the Delsey brand come with removeable and washable internal linings. These types of linings help to improve the cleanliness of the interiors of the suitcases and help to keep them more fresh. They can be especially useful for the traveller who has no option but to travel their cleaning clothing alongside their laundry.

The Delsey Removable Linings are incredibly easy to wash and remove. Simply unzip the lining from the main body of the suitcase using the zipper pull and place in the washing machine.We would recommend using a non-biological washing powder or tablets and washing at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Due to the nature of the material of the linings, they dry incredibly quickly, so we would suggest placing them on a washing line to naturally air dry or placing on a clothes horse, away from direct heat. They cannot be tumble dried.

Once clean and dry, simply attach the zipper and zip all the way around. They can also be stored un-zipped until ready to be used.

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