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Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Bags Carrying MethodsUpdated 6 months ago

The Samsoite Ecodiver Duffle bags have various carrying options, making them ideal for the user who likes to have an adaptive approach to the way in which they can be carried.

Double top handles allow the duffle bags to be traditionally carried in the hand or over the shoulder. There is a closure strap that keeps the handles together for added convenience.

Side handles allow the duffle bags to be picked up quickly and easily from either end, if required. This feature makes it extremely easy to grab the bags out of a car.

A sleeve strap to the rear of the Small duffle allows it to be mounted securely upon the telescopic wheel handle of a wheeled item of luggage. This offers additional security and convenience. 

These duffle bags also benefit from being fitted with backpack straps that can be quickly and easily clipped on and off when required. The straps can be stowed away in a pocket when not in use.

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