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Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Recyclex™ Material TechnologyUpdated 6 months ago

Samsonite's Recyclex™ Material Technology consists of a variety of fabrics and shells made from materials derived from consumers or industries. These materials are carefully designed to be long lasting, adaptable and environmentally conscious.

The Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Bags have been made from a combination of Samsonite Recyclex™ and virgin materials. More details on the components that have been made from this fantastic more sustainable material are outlined below.


The main exterior fabric and the exterior zippers have been constructed with 100% and 93% post-consumer recycled PET (respectively) and the exterior black trim fabric has been made with 100% recycled industrial waste Nylon, which are all part of their Recyclex™ Material Technology Initiative. The coating and backing have been constructed with with virgin materials.

Furthermore, the exteriors of the Samsonite Ecodiver Duffle Bags are water resistant. By laminating the exterior material under vacuum, the material offers water resistant properties, making them ideal for adventurers. 


The interior lining and the interior zippers are made with 97% and 93% post-consumer recycled PET (respectively), part of Samsonite's Recyclex™ Material Technology Initiative. The coating and backing are made with virgin materials.

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